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Cheap UK VPS needed

Cheap UK VPS needed

djvdorpdjvdorp Member
edited October 2012 in Help

I already have way to much VPSes, so I might need to get rid of some but whatever.

For an upcoming project, I need an very lowend vps in the UK: - 128mb would be enough I think, maybe 256 - bandwidth must be pretty high (will use vpn privately) - hdd space is not needed much (1-5gb), but more would be a pre - virtualisation technique doesn't matter much, as long as it can run OpenVPN - as cheap as possible, price range in BuyVM 128mbs OVZ plan preferred (yearly is not a problem)

Please let me know if you know a good provider or can help me yourself :) I looked at XenVZ's current promo: lowest plan, is only a bit low on bandwidth and disk is not much

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