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Microsofts Attempt at getting the 'urban' crowd

Microsofts Attempt at getting the 'urban' crowd

SpencerSpencer Member
edited October 2012 in General

The Microsoft store had Machine Gun Kelly do a rap for their new store. It ended up horrible. He broke a few laptops and ended up getting kicked out of the store.


  • I don't see what went wrong. SUCK MY DICK FUCK THESE COMPUTERS AND SHIT

    When you find that perfect VPS, KEEP IT.

  • PhoenixVPSPhoenixVPS Member
    edited October 2012
    <?php $bs=praise_ms(); if (appl==cool && cool==entertainment+music+followers) { $ms=machine_gun_kelly($bs); echo $ms; } ?>
  • This also reminds me about what Steve Jobs said about Microsoft:

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