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Issue/project script

Issue/project script

twaintwain Member
edited October 2012 in General

I need to implement a script for work, where users can go to update what they have been working on at the end of their shift.. eg what they got done, what they solved, what the issues were that they worked on, what is the state of different categories of items, etc... how they implemented something etc.. the idea would be a list of entries, sort of blog-like.. I'm thinking the best thing to use for this would be an issue/bug tracking script... so far flyspray looks the most like what I want/need, however anyone know of any other very light clean minimal scripts like this? Doesn't really matter the script language, could be PHP, perl, python, java, node.js whatever... my other thought was maybe I could just make it multi-user blog-like instead of issue tracking style, and use this LDAP-plugin for worpress:

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?


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