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Need good domain registrar and ssl certificates

Need good domain registrar and ssl certificates

svgnamysvgnamy Member
edited October 2012 in Help

Hello, I cancelled my shared hosting in favor of vps and my shared hosting provider said I will be unable to register new domains with them or renew the ones I have. I want to start transfering my domains to another registrar. I see all the different registrars out there but I don't know which one to choose.

I've always used the registrars from my hosting company.

I remember using godaddy once, but the interface was weird. Not sure how it is now.

Any suggestions?

Inexpensive good control panel

Also, I need SSL certificates for my vps so I can sell online. An ssl so I can use it on more than one domain.

Thanks for your help



  • jhjh Member


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  • @jhadley said: Namecheap

    +1 (or

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  • jarlandjarland Administrator has a great interface, very personal and friendly support.

  • Highly recomend either Namecheap or

  • wdqwdq Member

    They have average pricing ($12 for most TLDs) but I still prefer Media Temple for domain names. They have a pretty simple interface, consistent pricing, and so on.

  • Internet.BS

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  • JackJack Member, Provider
    edited October 2012

    @jarland said: has a great interface, very personal and friendly support.

    @jarland mind throwing me some screenshots of their panel?

    I currently have 20 or so domains with namecheap but their support is really poor.

  • I believe it's "their," Jack.

    -- BOFH

  • @jhadley said: Namecheap


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  • jarlandjarland Administrator

    @Jack Yeah I'll post some in the morning. They don't have the same speed of support, but they're incredibly friendly. It's obvious that they're a small operation and that they don't want to be a huge impersonal registrar, at least to me. They actually answer phone calls too.

  • ZenZen Member


    I've got around 30 domains with them.

    :) I am available for hire as a systems administrator, customer support technician levels 1-3, including managed support. Based in UK. Flexible time-zones and hours.

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    Namecheap FTW

  • There is wildcard SSL that can be used on unlimited subdomain, but if you would like to use on more than one domain, you have to buy new SSL :D - Comodo InstantSSL with Free EV Upgrade for $29 USD! - 512MB, 200GB HDD, 10TB BW for $5 USD - Order via my aff link!

  • NameCheap, Gandi,

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  • GoDaddy get's you a 5-domain SAN SSL certificate for $89.99/yr.

    Or save 25% with my affiliate link.

    Selling multiple 2000-user GApps :) Shoot me a message to make an offer.

  • WilliamWilliam Member, Provider
    edited October 2012

    I mainly use: - when i don't want to have an american company behind it - for anything else - for rare domains (also free SSL, not sure if only for the first year) - for SSLs

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  • Hey I use godaddy for most of mine. Some People don't like them but I have no problem with thier domain service, hosting is another subject all together.

    SSL I used just depends on where i get them the cheapest.

  • PatrickPatrick Member
    edited October 2012

    For domains I would recommend (Has better UI, similar prices) or Namecheap

    For multi-domain SSL you need SAN and it appears GoDaddy is cheapest for it or buy several $9.99 Positive SSL's from Namecheap

    However we use for our SSL certs but this is not up to everyone's budget :)

    Patrick | INIZ
  • I like rapidssl better than positivessl for it's reissuing and such and with chained cert's seem to work better.

  • jarlandjarland Administrator

    @24khost said: Some People don't like them but I have no problem with thier domain service, hosting is another subject all together.

    I do. About 12 hour ticket response time...

  • @24khost I've never used Namecheap for SSL so can't tell but we have bought RapidSSL / TrustWave & GeoTrust from TheSSLStore and we can easily reissue to any domain with a few clicks so it could be an development flaw if you can't reissue PositiveSSL's at NC

    Patrick | INIZ
  • TazTaz Disabled

    @jarland You do know that calling godaddy takes less then 5 minutes (No huge waiting list), and tends to get things fixed by phone as well?

    Time is good and also bad. Life is short and that is sad. Dont worry be happy thats my style. No matter what happens i won't lose my smile!

  • JackJack Member, Provider

    The only registrar I know of that has a UK Standard number as in Landline rates for us is Godaddy...

    Thanked by 1klikli
  • jarlandjarland Administrator

    @Taz_NinjaHawk said: You do know that calling godaddy takes less then 5 minutes (No huge waiting list), and tends to get things fixed by phone as well?

    Nice to know, but I always assume calling someone their size has a minimum 20 minute hold. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to talk to someone in 20 minutes, that's just how my day goes. Migrating to has been great though.

  • @StormVZ I think i could have worded it better. I wasn't impressed with positivessl's reissue prcess as i lost my order number and with out it you can't reissue. with rapidssl all you have to have is the hostname.

    @jarland Never had a problem with godaddy. My account got hacked(my fault) they helped me find a way to verify my account using the paypal account i just paid for a domain with. They helped me get everything fixed and didn't wait 5 minutes on hold. Never waiting for long with ticket response either.

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    man. @jarland. nice domains ;-) new list ;-)

  • jarlandjarland Administrator

    @Randy said: man. @jarland. nice domains ;-) new list ;-)

    Just beginning to transfer some. You can see the first domain I got there, I bought from someone for fun.

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