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Low End Cloud Self Healing VPS?

Low End Cloud Self Healing VPS?

JeffreyJeffrey Member
edited October 2012 in General

I know everyone looks for a VPS here under the $7/Month price range, how about Cloud Self Healing Virtual Servers? Would this be possible at $7/Month? If not, I challenge you to find the cheapest provider for it! Good luck! ;)

NitroRack - $10/Month 100GB Shared Hosting - [email protected]


  • jhjh Member

    Stylex springs to mind

  • ZenZen Member

    I think its possible but you won't be getting a high amount of resources for the $7.

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  • Cloud3K

  • I've tried DigitalOcean and StylexNetworks. Both have a nice panel

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  • Cloud3k and StyleX are both great providers.

  • Real men provide their own failover :P

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  • Real men with steelballz dont even keep backups, not to mention think of HA or redundancy... It is always the provider's fault. M

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  • Yeah, have a good time with StyleX. Give 'em a try.

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  • We actually provide that!

  • Considering the setup cost of true ha style I am surprised to see there are actually any available that cheap. Not really my style (steel ballz) but very interesting! Unbiased, Uninfluenced, Honest SSD VPS Reviews

  • BUMP. Any more out there?

    NitroRack - $10/Month 100GB Shared Hosting - [email protected]
  • @24khost Not no more

    NitroRack - $10/Month 100GB Shared Hosting - [email protected]

  • @asterisk14 Yes, however, they do not accept PayPal Payments. :/

    NitroRack - $10/Month 100GB Shared Hosting - [email protected]
  • @jeffrey - doesn't EVERYONE have a credit card these days? I have 4.

  • @asterisk14 I do too. PayPal is just a more secure online payment gateway.

    NitroRack - $10/Month 100GB Shared Hosting - [email protected]
  • stylex have a great network, i have a windows 2012 on them and no singe issue since last 3 months

  • We are now testing a real cloud with all stuff (own iso external link, download/upload disk, templates, multiple instances, snapshots, HA, etc) However, the price will not be 7$ or lower, I expect it to start at 15+ for 1 GB ram and 50 GB disk, 2 tb traffic and a couple of IPs. We are doing this mostly for the high end part of the customers, companies and such which need IaaS and virtual offices, server farms, etc. Currently they pay top price for vmware and rhev and Salvatore wishes to offer a GPL alternative to that.

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  • Can you provide a date when this will be ready for production ? @Maounique

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