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It seems that alpharacks no longer exist. Another dead company.


  • earlearl Member

    The site still loads.. What made you say they dead pooled?

  • ZshenZshen Member

    Story? Sites up and working.

  • BobbyBorisBobbyBoris Member
    edited May 2015

    @earl said:
    The site still loads.. What made you say they dead pooled?

    Yes, their site is online, but I have 3 servers with them and they are offline for more than 24 hours. My information is that quadranet has blocked their access.

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  • RadiRadi Member, Provider

    Why don't you try to contact them?

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  • I've tried. I received two unclear answers, that they know about the problem and work to resolve it. Currently their support completely disappeared. They just don't respond to my tickets.

  • ArchieArchie Member

    Down 3 times since Jan, my server is still offline too, all I can say is stay away from alpharacks

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  • praveenpraveen Member

    I have one for testing, just restarted on control panel and is now working

  • alpharacksalpharacks Member without signature
    edited May 2015

    A few servers experienced some connectivity issues due to a symptomatic switch which we swiftly replaced. This matter was resolved, all impacted clients should have their respective services restored.

    Any clients who were impacted by this incident are encountered to contact us and request SLA credits - we stand behind our service and want to ensure any affected client is compensated appropriately. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

  • thagoatthagoat Member

    I had about 24 hours of down time. The initial response to my ticket was around 30 minutes, but then support staff disappeared. The server came back up around 15:00 EST today. I closed the ticket but never did hear back from support. I opened another ticket inquiring about the SLA credits mentioned above... We'll see =)

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  • i have problem with VPS dashboard. anyone here could share me link to alpharacks dashboard ? it was working fine a few months ago with the dash board link sent by alpharacks after successfully setup first time. but now that link is no longer working. I want to reintall the VPS OS and monitor my VPS traffic/usage.
    already open ticket for upport but 4 days already still alpharacks doesn't answer.

  • they're officially out of business, all the nodes will be off suddenly.

  • leonaleona Member

    Is this true alpharacks. silence can only be, no one is at the helm.

  • netrixnetrix Member

    and now they solusvm is offline, control panel not working, 2 weeks unanswered ticket.

  • thagoatthagoat Member
    edited July 2015

    So sad to see them go [/sarcasm]

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  • DevoniusDevonius Member
    edited July 2015

    I have 2 nodes with them and all still online, @alpharacks

  • kokkezkokkez Member

    tried today, my vps is magically back online, after 10 days of complete silence. Their solusvm is responsive and I was able to reinstall the os. But no one replied to my ticket...

  • hi @alpharacks my vps suddenly offline, I don't know why. Because before I don't have any problem. Also please look at my ticket.

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  • @alpharacks nodes have been offline for over 24 hours, soon heading into 48 hours. 2 tickets made, one with medium priority and the other with High. Not a single reply, nodes are still down.

  • faulty switch again?

  • @maoyipeng I don't know, but I can't have all my clients websites down this long and say "oops" ya know? Much less it happen with no explanation! They don't even use the "Network Status" that comes with WHM to say what the issue is and how long till it's fixed... Nope.. Nothing.

  • My VPS is down since yesterday, didnt bother to put any tickets since I didnt use it.

  • After being down for 2 days and opening a ticket I have my single VPS back up.

  • nullnullnullnull Member
    edited August 2015 is even showing default cPanel page as of now.

  • @nullnull said: is even showing default cPanel page as of now.

    Not for me it isnt...

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  • The servers are back up! Yay!
    Sadly, the downtime for my servers were 34 hours.. :( The max possible within a given month and still be 99.9% uptime is 43 minutes. So yeah.. This month was disappointing. I only wish they gave the explanation of why there was an outage on their "Network Status" page the moment it happened! Instead of leaving all the customers in the dark.. That was a bad move @alpharacks try to use all your WHM pages next time okay? We'd really appreciate it.

  • jarjar Provider

    Not totally dead it seems.

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  • bentheman96bentheman96 Member
    edited August 2015

    Can you publish this email somewhere for us alpharacks users to read? We haven't heard of such a merge happening so I'd like to know if that's alright.
    Update: I found this notice on the RIJX website ( go to this link and you will see this notice

    @Jar said:
    Not totally dead it seems.

  • @Jar said:
    Not totally dead it seems.

    I, too, got this mail. Which is rather strange, because I can't remember ever having a server with them.

  • I got the email, too. Just because cousin Cletus can butcher a deer doesn't mean he should be a surgeon. I feel bad for RIJX customers....

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  • @thagoat said:
    I got the email, too. Just because cousin Cletus can butcher a deer doesn't mean he should be a surgeon. I feel bad for RIJX customers....

    Don't. The support at RIJX was so extremely bad and amateurish lately, I'm sure AlphaRacks will do better.

    RIJX blamed my server for crashing their node (128MB VPS with NGINX and one static page, that's all) and when I asked them to cough up the logs (or any proof) they said they didn't have any. I wonder then how they were able to draw that (unlikely) conclusion in the first place.

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