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MySQL 5.6 RC

MySQL 5.6 RC

MrOwenMrOwen Member
edited September 2012 in General

So at the MySQL Connect conference today, Oracle announced MySQL 5.6 RC. Lots of improvements and features it seems but I didn't really spot anything that emphasized optimized memory usage. Anyone familiar enough with 5.6 to give any rough benchmarks for memory usage? I guess it's cool Oracle's adding all these features, but I feel reduced memory consumption should definitely be a priority. But I guess not everything is running on lebs ;)

Here's their press release which gives the best overall changes:

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  • Thanks for the post, just spotted some shit...

    Better Transactional Throughput and Application Availability with an improved InnoDB >storage engine: Better Transactional and Read Only Throughput: InnoDB has been re-factored to ?>minimize legacy threading, flushing, purge mutex contentions and bottlenecks, >enabling better concurrency on heavily loaded OLTP systems, and resulting in >significantly improved throughput for read only workloads(2).

    Yesh, finally.

    Simple, Key Value Lookup: flexible NoSQL access to InnoDB provides simple, key->value lookup of InnoDB data via the familiar Memcached API. Users get the “best of >both worlds,” combining key-value operations and complex SQL queries in the same >database.

    What the fuck is this.

    Time-delayed Replication: provides protection against operational errors made on >the master, for example accidentally dropping tables.

    They only did this now?

  • gbshousegbshouse Member, Provider

    They are not sure what to do with this. Replication stuff was solved by Google years ago and regarding InnoDB there are better engine providers like Percona.

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