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Looking for backup solution
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Looking for backup solution

I've got a 1GB database in PGSQL that I need to keep backed up. I've not got much knowledge of how databases are backed up, so I thought I'd come here for some advice. I'm looking to do twice daily, maybe hourly backups, but I don't want to have a huge 1GB db dump every 12 hours from my server, so I'm looking for an incremental backup solution. I wouldn't want the backup operation to freeze my database writes.

So for the backups itself, should I do a pg_dump or something else?

And, for the host, should I go with Tarsnap, Backupsy, the R1Soft backup solution by Backupsy, or something different? I'd like to keep the costs under $10 a month, under $5 if possible.

I do apologize if this kind of question is not appropriate to ask here or if I'm being ignorant.


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