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In this Discussion - Perfect for uptime monitors etc - Perfect for uptime monitors etc

gsrdgrdghdgsrdgrdghd Member
edited September 2012 in Domains

I registered the domain for a project (obviously an uptime monitor) which kinda ended dead...

I'm not expert on SEO but i guess the keyword uptime in the domain name will give you some kind of boost - despite the obscure TLD. The Twitter account UptimeRE is also included.

Starting price: 5$

Minimum increment: 1$

End: 3 days from now, 1.10.2012 18:00 CET [Countdown]

The domain is with InternetBS, payment via Paypal.


  • would have been cooler. :(

  • 6$

  • kornnflakekornnflake Member
    edited September 2012

    Sry i'm not allowed to register one.

  • Do .re domains still need to be registered to a member of the EU?

  • DavidxDavidx Member
    edited September 2012

    @Damian said: Do .re domains still need to be registered to a member of the EU?


    .re is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Réunion. Along with .fr and .tf, it is administered by AFNIC.

    Since December 6, 2011, the rules for registering French domains have changed. The owner of a domain need not be based anymore in France. All European individuals, companies and organizations can register French domains. This change affects not only fr-domains, but also .re

    So yes, don't have to be in france, need to have an addresss in Europe.

    .RE domains can be registered by anybody having an address in the European Union. source:

    Thanked by 1bnmkl
  • @Damian said: Do .re domains still need to be registered to a member of the EU?

    I think there are also some registrars that have a proxy registration service for them. But you'd have to look that up beforehand.

  • I bid $7. Not sure if i'm too late, though.

  • I'd say 1 minute is still within limits but i don't know if @Zero would object.

  • Ok, no problem for me.

  • @Zero If you search for "uptime", there's plenty of extensions available.

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