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SSD noatime Increase drastically performances

SSD noatime Increase drastically performances

DotALDotAL Member
edited September 2012 in Help


Well i was reading something and i came across a hint, where it was stated that if your Dedicated has a SSD hdd and has the atime active which is a timestamp for inode that will display the last file access, well if you disable it your hdd performances will increase.

This is because when you are accessing the file each time, the system has to update the index and thus will decrease the hdd performances.

you can disable the atime in fstab with noatime :)

I hope this help someone.


  • Or if you want to do that for OVZ VPS: vzctl set veid --noatime yes --save

    Then: vzctl restart veid

    How much i/o performances are you seeing over there?

  • This shouldn't matter too much for SSDs, but for normal hard drives it is a pretty nice performance boost. It CAN break a couple programs that rely on atime, mostly console mail programs like elm or pine.

  • And possible cPanel...

  • @apollo15 said: And possible cPanel...

    Personal opinion or information backed by cPanel?

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  • My mistake sorry, this does NOT break cPanel - just tested on a test cPanel box :)

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