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New project: WHOIS tool with JSON API

New project: WHOIS tool with JSON API

joepie91joepie91 Member, Provider
edited September 2012 in General

For those that have a use for it: two days ago or so I wrote a Python module to retrieve and parse WHOIS data, and today I've turned it into an actual web service including JSON API:

There is no rate-limiting on either HTML or JSON requests, but please be considerate - I'm still working on the spreading out of queries across multiple servers, and WHOIS servers have a tendency of blacklisting IPs that make a lot of requests. For now, all retrieved WHOIS data is indefinitely cached in a local database, so it won't ever be updated. This will change when I get the distribution part done, there will then be an option to refresh stale data.

If you're curious, the web service is written using Flask, served by lighttpd via fastcgi. WHOIS data is stored in mongodb. Source code for this will be released soon.

Currently no domain holder details are parsed yet, as this is a bit more complicated to implement - this will be done at a later stage.

If it doesn't recognize information on certain domains, then feel free to either post them here or PM me so I can improve the parser. Parsing WHOIS data is a messy business :)

If you like it or find it useful, then please consider donating :)


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