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A normal seedbox suggestion - Lowend but with approval from provider
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A normal seedbox suggestion - Lowend but with approval from provider

gtraxgtrax Member
edited April 2015 in Requests

Dear I sometimes share my files using private tracker for our IRC group. Most of the times I use my home office connection which is has got a 6mb upstream but sometimes I need to upload a number of files and my home office cannot be kept stuck for it. I was using a friend's dedi as a seedbox but he has stopped using it and returned it so I am looking for a seedbox which is in my range. I have an number of VPSes but most providers don't allow torrents but do allow private and personal torrents but sometime the upload exceeds 25-30mb/s so What is your suggestion. But normally I do not upload more than 50-60gb in a month so traffic is not an issue for my current providers. But as my other services are also running on VPSes do you suggest me getting a low cost seedbox, or get a Low end box from leb or let which allow personal or private tracker and use it instead.
Also suggest what is the best combo in making a torbox a guide would be helpful.

PS: Please if you know providers who allow private torrents send me the names.
average upload around 30mb/s but its for the days when I will use it which are mostly 7-10 days in a month.

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