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[Release] Minstall Version 2.5 (Bug Fixes, Ubuntu Support, More Cleaning!)
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[Release] Minstall Version 2.5 (Bug Fixes, Ubuntu Support, More Cleaning!)

maxexcloomaxexcloo Member
edited September 2012 in General

Hello LowEndTalk!
Many of you know that I work on a on a fairly popular server setup & management script, Minstall and today I have some news regarding it that may interest some of you.
Before I begin I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support and usage of the script. I especially want to extend a HUGE thanks to Zsolt Ero (@zsero) for his amazing help and the effort he has put in finding and helping solve bugs! Seriously, you do excellent work!

Anyway, today I'm happy to announce a major update (sponsored by the kind folks at KnightSwarm Handelsbolag) that amongst other things brings the following new features and tweaks to the table:

  • Ubuntu 12.04 support on all platforms (except for vServer) in both 32 and 64 bit.
  • Proper file cleaning that removes unused files left over by uninstalled packages.
  • More detailed documentation (in both interactive and unattended mode configuration files) to ensure users are sure of what each option does.
  • Ondemand mode by default for PHP, will reduce memory usage by a large factor for idle websites (allowing for more sites to be hosted!)
  • Many code cleanups and restructures.
  • Proper MySQL password setting on a reinstall.
  • Cleaner nginx rules and config files.
  • New default mirrors (CDN for Debian!)
  • Renamed modules and cleaner extra package lists.
  • Many small changes and tweaks.
  • A TON of bug fixes, hopefully I didn't miss anything!

The project link is linked below and the readme file should assist you in using the program (help can always be obtained by contacting me as outlined in the readme!):

Looking forward to feedback and queries! Thanks, Max.

Just a note, I'm very thankful to KnightSwarm Handelsbolag for funding my development and providing me with test services and support! I recommend you go check the out and also look at some of their other open source endeavourers on Github!



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