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Block connections above 50mbps

Block connections above 50mbps

joodlejoodle Member
edited September 2012 in General

Is there any way to block connections wich uses more then 50mbps? (floods) Because my server keeps getting dossed wich 60-70mbps floods... and i already manually kept blocking those ip's for like the whole day now

Some more info: I'm running a cod4 server on it, so it gets alot of connections but those are 40-50kbps each, i don't want to block those

Hope someone can help me with this

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  • WilliamWilliam Member, Provider

    Well, yes and no. Possibly if they do it for a few seconds or more with 50Mbit+ (as you cant block them if you don't know how fast it is before connection/flood for a few seconds)

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  • DanielMDanielM Disabled
    edited September 2012

    there is. but most of this software isnt perfect and most of the time it doesnt work. Best just throttling instead.

  • JackJack Member, Provider


    Depending on who the provider is they might be able to set ACLs for you at Switch Level but I doubt they can block it on amount of bandwidth being used more protocol - TCP / UDP ect.

  • @joodle said: Is there any way to block connections wich uses more then 50mbps? (floods)

    I assume high bandwidth = many packets per second. So the easiest way would be to rate-limit the amount of packages per second. That can be done with a simple iptables rule.

  • can't you just do rate limiting in iptables?

  • agree with winston. I use this before but for other purpose. it just working.

    Let's bet which dot-name will collapse first ;)

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