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Benchmarks Wanted

Benchmarks Wanted

dominicldominicl Member
edited September 2012 in Help


Now I've got a fair few people on the LA node, I would like a couple of people to do some benchmarks for me. You will receive the following specs as part of this (it is our LET256 deal):

Disk Space: 15GB Bandwidth: 500GB RAM/vSwap: 256MB/512MB CPU Cores: 4 IP Addresses: 1 Virtualization: OpenVZ Port Speed: 100Mbps Operating System: Linux (choice)

The "benchmarking period" will last 48 hours, and if you wish to keep the VPS, you will be able to do so at the LET special rate of $2.50/mo (after the "thank you" gift, below..)

I have been extremely pleased by the outcome of the special I posted, which is why i've asked for these benchmarks so early.

If you're interested in doing some benchmarking, then please post below, with answers to the following:

Will you report benchmarks to us?
Will you report benchmarks to the community, at LET?
Will you test the service and let us know if any improvements we could make?

The "thank you" gift:

You saw above. If you sign up, and post me some benchmarks and test out the network, let me know your thoughts etc, then you will get a free month of service in total

-Dominic, SVM


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