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DNS Provider Needed
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DNS Provider Needed

ReviewLinuxReviewLinux Member
edited September 2012 in General


I was setting up multiple vps's of my site for testing. I have used Amazon Route 53 in the past and was always very satisfied with their service. I then wanted to experiment with multi sites of my domain and tried their LBR Records ( Latency ) as I had a mirror of my site in UK and Japan. Well suddenly from 500,000 queries a month I went to 2.5 million in 11 days.. ouch... Of course one gets charged for this but it was not bring traffic to site. I do not think I totally understand the queries formula but I did read at Amazon that they all the ANY query which from my reading is good DNS practice.

Does anyone have an opinion on this? Is there another provider that offers this at maybe a more reasonable rate? Since my knowledge is limited on DNS can I use Weighted Records for each mirrored site or is that truly just based on traffic?

Thanks in advance,



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