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Need a few VPSes in China...

Need a few VPSes in China...

GaryGary Member
edited September 2012 in Providers

I know they're few and far between, but they actually need to be in China. It's not for a website, so the Chinese rule that you need a license shouldn't matter, I believe.

I need 2GB+ ram, 2+ cores, 100mbit port.

I don't expect these to be in the LEB price range, btw...



  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Provider

    Edis is your answer.

    AlphaVPS - OpenVZ and KVM, DDoS Protected VPS in London, UK | Sofia, BG and NYC, US

  • I thought they only had them in Hong Kong? It needs to be actually in China.

  • WilliamWilliam Member, Provider has VPS in China. Not cheap but good quality.

  • Ram-wise, the biggest they seem to do is 1.5GB, at $110/mo with $15 setup.

    I need ~3, so I'd be better off going for one of their horrifically expensive dedicated servers. They're only on unmetered 10mbit though. :/

    The state of Chinese datacentres is horrible. :(

  • If you understand Chinese then you maybe able to try your luck on Taobao, I think people sells VPSes there...

  • I think alibaba or alipay offers some kind of Cloud service, but i hope you can speak chinese. Honestly i would just settle for one near china, or "in" depending on your politics

  • Hostitek in taiwan can get below 30 ms to Shanghai if you've got money to burn

  • I am in China, if you have questions around the VPSes and use ichat thus ping me at [email protected]

    Freedns Hosting -

  • WilliamWilliam Member, Provider

    Yea, no issue with that.

  • They can, and do.. I see Taiwanese products in the stores in Shanghai regularly. There are Taiwanese restaurant chains everywhere. Also there is a new direct cable between China Telecom/HiNet which is why the ping is so good. Anyway he said it wasn't for a webpage so who knows if its even for business!

  • Nope, needs to be in China unfortunately.

  • @Gary said: Nope, needs to be in China unfortunately.

    Both Hong Kong and Taiwan are parts of China, in this case I think you should modify the requirement to MAINLAND CHINA.

  • Ok then, mainland China. I fear I won't get any joy, mind you. :(

  • actually on taobao i came across a few guys selling vpses supposedly on bgp servers in Beijing. i dont really trust them but you could try it. search for 北京 bgp vps

  • fanfan Member
    edited September 2012

    @Gary said: Ok then, mainland China. I fear I won't get any joy, mind you. :(

    I suggest not to consider buying a VPS in mainland China recently since the policies and regulations are possible to change with the new administration coming after the NPC conference.

  • Unless there's a serious need, I won't go with Taobao people with dirty hands.

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