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5 months, review
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5 months, review

tkpstkps Member

The outstanding support which Ahead Cloud provides made me write this review:

I am hosting an NGO's website with them on a VPS since last 5 months and the site has received 100% uptime till now other than their exceptional support during the development of the website and managing of the VPS. I would specially like to mention that I failed to pay 2 invoices for some reason but instead of terminating or suspending the VPS they called me and asked if there was some problem and if they could somehow help. Because the website was for a non-profit they excused the two invoices also.

I would like to recommend their service to everyone and specially for people of India it's 'Sone pe Suhaga'. I would rate them 4.5/5 for their good service.



  • Looks legit.

    Extremist conservative user, I wish to preserve human and civil rights, free speech, freedom of the press and worship, rule of law, democracy, peace and prosperity, social mobility, etc. Now you can draw your guns.

  • tommytommy Member

    Oh come on

    Admin Email: [email protected]

    looks legit, using gmail.

    Let's bet which dot-name will collapse first ;)

  • @Maounique said:
    Looks legit.

    No, it doesn't

  • @tkps

    Thanks for the review and looking forward to host you for many more
    months :)


    Which email you are talking about?

    Also how does using gmail makes something illegitimate?


    Why so?The Op has been with us since our first LET offer and
    he is not a new member here either.

    AheadCloud™ Networks Pvt. Ltd.
    High quality hosting in US/NL/DE/IN - Check Us Out!

  • @The_creator for me, it doesn't look like legit review.

  • @comXyz

    No issues with that you are entitled to your opinion :)

    Is their any verification process like WHT which I am not aware of?

    AheadCloud™ Networks Pvt. Ltd.
    High quality hosting in US/NL/DE/IN - Check Us Out!

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