PayZa withdraw?

PayZa withdraw?

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How long does payza take to issue bank wire withdraws? Im waiting more than a week and they didnt even release the funds(still pending status). Any experience? Things were much fasted in the AlertPay age...


  • faster*

  • I tried to bank wire for first time few months ago and it was still not completed even after 14-15 days. Bank transfer (UK) usually takes a week for us.

    Quickest way of support is via phone or twitter (yes they respond). If you tweet to them on a weekday during there business hours they should respond and give you a answer. (8 AM - 5 PM EST)

    Patrick | INIZ
  • I'm in USA and it takes about 7 days to get my payments from Payza.

    IPXcore fast virtual servers located in United States.

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