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Anyone on TurnkeyInternet Reseller for $7.5 plan??
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Anyone on TurnkeyInternet Reseller for $7.5 plan??

Looking for anyone on the TKI Reseller package that was on last year for $7.5/mo for life. They are now telling me that the FREE 256bit SSL that is indicated in their advertisement is only for 1 year however their ad indicates nothing of that sort and emphasizes everything for life of the account.

Just want to verify if anyone else is in the same boat.


  • Hello!

    Yes, it's only free for the first year.
    I was with them for 3 years, and ended up the service this year. The server I was in was pretty unstable with loads of 70+ and I was getting crazzy. They refused to move me to another server, so I just cancelled and switched out to another company.

    Wish you the best luck

  • DeanDean Member

    Same here - 1 year only. I got them to switch me to a different server when loads were crazy and sites were taking forever to load

  • akzakz Member
    edited March 2015

    wow thats pretty crappy, the load is high only certain times on my node and no hick ups so far; just wanted to verify thanks guys.

    btw which provider did you migrate to? Im looking for something similar with WHMCS internal license w/WHM+Cpanel Reseller. SSL I dont really care for as I can buy my own but would be preferred.

  • I switched over to @nexmark

    I'm not using WHMCS anymore, so it lowered the price and I got DDoS protection as well :)

    Thanked by 1nexmark
  • cassacassa Member, Provider

    Do you have a link for this offer?

    ik moet poepen

  • not there anymore. I ditched it as well as amount of downtime and speed of the server was ridiculous

  • akzakz Member

    @cassa -

    I have been receiving pretty good service from them; however Im a bit surprised that their sales manager in a ticket basically told me to leave after inquiring about the SSL cert.

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