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How to acquire a domian that's about to expire?

How to acquire a domian that's about to expire?

u4iau4ia Member
edited September 2012 in General

Just as the title says, how have you successfully acquired an expiring domain? There is a domain that's close to expiration that I have had my eye on. I want it badly :)

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  • BigScootsBigScoots Member
    edited September 2012

    If its a domain others might be interested in you need to pursue a domain company that will auction it for you. The redemption period is what, 90 days I think? Just because its expiring you still have about 3 months before you can actually get your hands on it. I used to know the specifics, pretty rusty at this stage, all I know is you can't out compete the auto registers, if you need it, invest $100 or so into a domain auction.

    Would be a good idea to google the specifics of domain redemption periods and acquiring expired domains, I really don't keep on top of it in the least. -- a 100% positively reviewed premium grade Shared, VPS, Hybrid and Dedicated hosting company that specializes in industry leading support and management. Check us out today and experience the difference!

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  • @BigScoots said:

    Thanks. I have done some searching on this, and It's about 75 days before I could actually own it. I thought I may need to go the route of an auction from a service that grabs the dropped domains. I have never done this before so was hoping for some first hand advice :)

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  • Who is the registrar of the domain?

  • @peppr said: backordering is a dirty bag.. you often get bad surprises..

    Like what?

    @klikli said: Who is the registrar of the domain?

    Network Solutions

  • @u4ia said: @peppr said: backordering is a dirty bag.. you often get bad surprises..

    Like with GoDaddy, sometimes you only pay for the money, but you will loose the domain.

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  • @u4ia said: Network Solutions

    Go NameJet. Unless the registrant renew the domain, then you can almost 100% get it since NameJet has partnered with NS such that all domains expired will be sold there. Source.

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  • Could checkout domainmonster,

    They charge you only when they have the domain in there hands. £29.99 + £8.99 for .com

    Patrick | INIZ
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  • ElliotJElliotJ Administrator

    Backordering is hit/miss, mainly because you're hoping that your backordering registrar is going to register it before any other registrar.

    Thankfully, a few of them only charge once the domain is registered, so it makes sense to backorder from a few registrars to improve your odds.

    It just depends on how much you want/need it :)

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  • I've never used them for backorder but +1 for domainmonster

  • I use Domain Monster, also used their back order service a few times and have had 100% success :)

  • @klikli said: NameJet has partnered with NS

    anyone into partnership with the registrar Directi/resellerclub?

  • Does somebody know if it's possible to backorder a domain through (maybe using their api)?

    namesilo domain coupon code for $1 discount: opportunity
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  • @BBTN No, doesn't offer backorder service.

    Patrick | INIZ
  • VPNshVPNsh Member, Provider

    Anybody know of anywhere cheaper than domain monster for backordering? Following a couple of domains at the moment, but don't really fancy paying £40+ each for them. - Secure and Affordable VPN services - £9.99/year, Unlimited Bandwidth, 20+ Countries - Order Link

  • @liamwithers I would try - I know GoDaddy is cheaper for that, but I don't trust GoDaddy. has good customer service, and if I where you I would call them and ask how they handle backordering before signing up with them. I have talked to them on the phone a couple of times and they are very knowledgeable.

  • great backordering but it`s expensive

    with best we use in china,including backorder service : 1 Snapnames $66 2 Domainmonster $57.68 3 Pool $57 4 Intrustdomains $56.99 5 Namejet $56 6 Hexonet $56 7 Name $46.95 8 Dnbiz ¥100 9 Backorder $15.99 10 Jinmi ¥100 11 Godaddy $13.99 12 Hupo ¥68 13 22 ¥39

  • VPNshVPNsh Member, Provider

    @vpsnodebox thanks, I'll have a look :).

    @ynzeng are all of those different companies and their pricing structures for backordering?

    Anyone know anything cheap and reliable? Also, is it even worth me waiting it out until the domain has expired and try to do it manually? - Secure and Affordable VPN services - £9.99/year, Unlimited Bandwidth, 20+ Countries - Order Link

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