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Pre-Launch Free VPS's
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Pre-Launch Free VPS's

PatrickPatrick Member
edited September 2012 in Offers

Launching a UK registered VPS company soon, currently locating at the Redstation UK DC and looking for some testers/giving away free VPS's until our design and website is fully completed then you can keep VPS at a cost or terminate. There is no "launch date" so we will close accounts closer to due date unless told so

You can apply for pre-launch access to our Intel SAS Drive based servers on top tier 1GBPS network. - follow through and click link to beta form

We will not be sending any unsolicited emails, once the beta is over we will send a final email regarding if you wish to keep the VPS at the stated price or termination and final release notification of our public site then the list will be deleted.

I'm not totally restricting high risk countries, it'd be nice to get feedback on ping from countries far from the UK, several people have PM'ed me and there reason was valid enough and they were from CN/Malaysia :) You know what to do.

Patrick | INIZ


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