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Any experience with
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Any experience with

I have been considering getting a VPS with them, the owner seems knowledgeable from what I can tell. Has anyone tried them? Please share your experience, thanks. :)


  • LeeLee Member

    Seems like a bargain, you should get 2.

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  • NomadNomad Member

    I can't believe how cheap they are though.
    Maybe I too should get a linux pro and let it idle till I am sure what to do with it.
    It's a bargain indeed.


  • 4n0nx4n0nx Member

    wow so cheap I got 5

    (((o(゚▽゚)o))) If privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy. (((o(゚▽゚)o)))

    ヽ(`Д´)ノ Everyone should run Tor on their idle servers.

  • For that price I'd expect a shot of their wife.

  • LeeLee Member

    @ricardo said:
    For that price I'd expect a shot of their wife.

    Pics first though before committing to that kind of contract.

  • @ricardo said:
    For that price I'd expect a shot of at their wife.


  • @4n0nx said:
    wow so cheap I got 5

    why not 500?

  • I seriously hope that site is joking? because if not - wtf are they thinking!

    Signature goes here.

  • That just screams trust.

    I'm going to go with fake here, given none of the signup links work.

    The writing on that site reminds me of a 5th grader trying to sound like an adult:

    A lot of people want to know, just what is VPS hosting? Also known as virtual private server hosting, it is like other hosting options somewhat tricky. There are a veritable ton of different hosting options out there, after all. It can sometimes be difficult to know which will be the best choice for you and for your needs. If you are considering virtual private server (VPS) hosting, for example, you are better off knowing a few things right from the bat. 
    Of course, none of that answers the question of just what virtual private server hosting really is, does it? On that note, we first have to talk about just how this type of hosting really works in comparison with some of the other hosting options out there. 
    Then there are what are known as dedicated hosts. As the name suggests, with a dedicated server, then your web site will be the only site that gets hosted on that particular server. In general, then, it is believed that virtual private servers are located somewhere in between the two. That is somewhat true … and somewhat false as well. 

    I do enjoy their support policy:

    Please be advised we don't offer telephone support to our customers for standard hosting accounts; as we outsource that directly to the people managing the network. That's GOOD news for you, even though other companies try to make it look like their phone support is what you want. 
    We operate like this: you either send us an e-mail, or you call the people monitoring your hosting account directly. That's what you want, right? 

    I wonder how one would pay for the two-year $29,099 pre-pay option for the Linux PRO...can you paypal that much?

    For LET support, please visit the support desk.

  • @raindog308 said:
    That just screams trust.

    Bless Tom Stevens!

  • I bet if you searched the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, etc. you'd find dozens of profile pieces on Tom Stevens.

    I'm sure he's headline speaker at many technical conferences, and of course has dozens of widely-applauded TED talks.

    For LET support, please visit the support desk.

  • Yes, frankly he is TED talks caliber imo, not even TEDx but the full shebang.

  • lazytlazyt Member

    For that kind of money i would think about changing my mind on hosting.

    Have I mentioned how much I hate auto correct recently?

  • Wow, Just $399 per month :)

  • May be he count on Vietnamese dongs? :)

    Yes, I can boogie

  • mintmint Member might be a young business, but we have over 150 years of combined hosting experience in our company.

    reliable jokebox.


  • LeeLee Member

    Not sure if it's fake or just an incomplete project, all the figures are the same no matter what type of service you opt for.

  • edited March 2015

    150 years of "combined", and it seems like I ever read that somewhere from a host in here.

    Let say :

    • 10 peoples with 15 years experience,
    • maybe 3 workers with 50 years experiences,
    • or maybe 100 workers with 1,5 years experience
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