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Providers - Opinions on 2checkout?
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Providers - Opinions on 2checkout?

I'm looking to switch to 2co for easier billing/tax stuff, does anyone else here use it? Apart from the higher fees are there any downsides?

Thanked by 1geekalot


  • Are they still in business?


  • I remember @Jack had it for DotVPS as payment processor.

  • ZweiTigerZweiTiger Member, Provider

    @licensecart know it. He has experience very well about them

  • They are the worst merchant in the industry. Just google them with 2CO Fraud

    They close accounts for even a refund. Not a chargeback.

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  • They still owe me $1000 from 3 years ago. Fucking retards.

  • Thanks all, might have to rethink.

  • Terrible. Avangate or anything non-2CO should do the job.

    A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

  • adxnadxn Member, Provider

    Stay away from them! They don't respect anyone very poor support and yep they hold our money for no reasons.


    Shubhankar From Wuugly

  • StevenNStevenN Member, Provider

    They've been perfect for us for 3 years. Never had an issue.


  • @VMbox said:
    They've been perfect for us for 3 years. Never had an issue.

    You will learn the hard way ;)

    Once they stole your money without a reason they will just repeat same thing over and over again, like retarded broken robots, without giving you are exact reasons besides TOS violation, whatever that means to them.

  • 5hi745hi74 Member

    They refunded my order without any reason. Not good.

    Thanked by 1century1stop
  • qchostqchost Member, Provider

    Simple answer, don't use them. We used them for various sites a few years ago until we saw the light. Best option is to use someone like Stripe..

  • We've used them for 3 years so far with no problems.

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  • century1stopcentury1stop Member
    edited March 2015

    @5hi74 said:
    They refunded my order without any reason. Not good.

    mine too!!!! 3 DS orders from good client, still using 2CO at this point.

  • drserverdrserver Member, Host Rep
    edited March 2015

    They have great support, i like that i have my sales person. I find them professional and decent.

    BTW if we are comparing them with PayPal, i had more issues with PayPal

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