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We love SendGrid

We love SendGrid

HostCheetahHostCheetah Member
edited August 2012 in General

For those who do not know whom SendGrid is / we use them to send out all email transactions from our billing hosting apps / we run a couple of WHMCS ....

SendGrid is a fantastic SMTP outbound mail service that also will allow you to track receipt and when the end user opens the email ( has to be html ) but that in of it self is great for those clients that are late in payment and claim they never got the email and such.

Provides great reporting tools and stats on email sends and such.

But check it out / we have no connection to them

Sign up for a free account up to 200 emails per day :


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  • From the perspective of someone receiving emails, I don't want the person who sent it to me to to be able to track when and where I read my email. It's an invasion of privacy.

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  • AsadHaiderAsadHaider Member
    edited August 2012

    @NickM You can just disable automatic images loading and reading receipts to block tracking. Most email clients do this now.

  • @AsadHaider, I know that. You know that. Does your mother? Your grandmother? Why should I have to opt OUT of being tracked?

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  • @NickM Most e/web-mail clients come with warnings explicitly stating exactly that, you can be tracked using externally loaded images.

    I've used email marketing sites like MailChimp before to send out newsletters, and the statistics/demographics we receive are pretty useful. There's no malicious purpose behind it, if you feel that strongly against being tracked then don't sign up to the provider/service.

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  • New member with 1 post promoting a product that they have no connections with what so ever...seems legit.

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  • HostCheetahHostCheetah Member
    edited August 2012

    @Victor , Dang it - I so wanted to make a good first impression ;) .... Yeah the new guy in town, but everyone has been there. By no means was the intent to "promote" the product but more along the lines just say , yeah we use it and it fit a need for us and oh by the way, most can use the service for free (no good for spammers) as 200 emails a day will fit the need for lots of users... Anyway , for us it is a great product for use with our transaction type emails for billing and such , for others check it out if you like.


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  • ZenZen Member

    I use it, its great. :)

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  • @NickM said: From the perspective of someone receiving emails, I don't want the person who sent it to me to to be able to track when and where I read my email. It's an invasion of privacy.

    Indeedy, we started using Mandrill and noticed that it tracks emails and links by default. I turned that off completely. I don't really need to know who clicked on what links in my email.

  • And.... we just setup SendGrid, and all our billing E-Mail is sent via. SendGrid now :)

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  • Just trying SendGrid myself. Waiting for my account to be provisioned. Hopefully it will be better than Sendmail :P


  • We love sendgrid :)

    On its silver plan you also get your own dedicated IP and ability to send newsletters like mailchimp.

  • registered...waiting for provisioned...

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  • Yeah for Transactional App based emails it is pretty cool. For us, when we see that one of our clients has not opened the billing email and we see that we have sent multiple due notices alerts, we then pretty much can see they either have us in their spam filter or their email is not working or they are on vacation, thus we would reach out to them by phone etc... Rather than , thinking they are just "not" paying their hosting bill. So far our clients really love we keep an eye out for them / so far at least ;)


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  • OliverOliver Member, Provider

    I've been using SendGrid as well for all outgoing mail on all my servers for ages (integrated into Postfix so it's in use by default for all web apps as well).

    Really good features/apps available for developers. I highly recommend them but from what I've seen they don't have much competition anyway...

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  • @oliver , the only other service offering that comes close that I have seen so far is Mandrill by the folks at MailChimp ( which we use MailChimp ) - Mandrill will give you twice the amount of emails per day for free 400 or 12,000 per month but I still think SendGrid has more of a robust offering , however I have not used Mandrill - Mandrill Info Here

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