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Need storage space. Is OVH the best deal?
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Need storage space. Is OVH the best deal?

Hi guys,

I have been coming here for a few months now (great site!) as I am in the process of creating some backup software that will require some servers – Just to be clear, it will be a couple of months before I pull the trigger though… just getting my ducks in a row at the moment.

It’s an EU-based (I live in the UK) consumer-level secure online backup product called Arkisto (Finnish word for “archive”) and it’s only a few months away from beta (hopefully!) so I thought I better get asking about hosting. Also I have bought and but I haven’t decided what one to use… maybe both, I don’t know yet.

The data is encrypted on the client machine before storing it on the server so the client is the only person on earth that can decrypt the files!

The primary priority for hosting is disk space and I have been running the numbers and it appears that OVH offer the best value around with their backup servers – These ones here at

However, I have a couple of questions for anyone out there that can help:

  1. If I start small and then buy a bigger server will I be able to easily move data from one to the other, like, if I started with the FS-12T Atom server for the beta and then moved to a bigger one when the beta is done?
  2. Would a reseller be able to offer me a better deal than going direct with OVH?
  3. With the last server on that list, the FS-MAX, I am struggling to work out how the payment works. Is my understanding correct (let’s assume I start with 6 x 6TB disks)?
    3a. I pay £237.99 per month until I decide to stop using it
    3b. I would have to pay £1632.00 up front too for the 6 disks
    3c. I would have to pay an additional £254.99 up front too for the setup fee
  4. Do you know of any other company that offers something similar? By this I mean disk space – I am not bothered if it is physical or virtual as all the heavy lifting is done on the customer machine and the server will be merely a store.
  5. I also noticed that OVH have a product called Hubic and it has an API but is there a reseller option? I can't find anything on their site about it... I would love to find out if I could just buy space as and when needed and use my custom application for the client machine.

Oh, one more question:

  1. Anyone interested in joining the beta when it’s ready? I will be keeping is small to start since I am bootstrapping it and can’t afford to go big yet :-)

Please feel free to fire any questions at me.

Oh, and I am not sure how the new EU VAT nonsense rules will affect me either so I am seeking advice on that too.

Thanks in advance



  • Take a look at Hetzner, they also have servers with lots of disk space. They are in Germany.

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  • See 'STORAGE LTS' in

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  • vfusevfuse Member, Provider

    Since you're starting a business i'm assuming your company is registered and you have a VAT number (should not have to pay VAT for services outside the UK), or are you worried about charging VAT to your end customers? You will have to keep separate books for each EU country.

    Hetzner has always worked great for me their 4x4TB server is great value for money 3.62 euro per TB.

    You can also give transip a try they offer mountable storage to your VPS, 10 euro per 2TB and scalable up to 400TB.

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  • The company isn't up yet: I will get that done soon but it will be a legit Ltd Co but the VAT thing is a nightmare as in the UK you need a turnover of 81k before you need to register for VAT but the EU thing means I have to start collecting it from customers whether registered or not... at least that is my understanding :(

    Magic, thanks guys, I will check out the recommendations.

  • vfusevfuse Member, Provider

    You can probably still register for VAT voluntarily. From 81k up you're just required to have a VAT registered business. Anyways probably best to talk to an accountant about this .

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