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Windows 2008, 2012 server Licenses for sale
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Windows 2008, 2012 server Licenses for sale

Hello everyone.

I have the following licenses up for sale:
1xWindows 2008 R2 Enterprise
1xWindows 2012 Datacenter
2xWindows 2008 R2

I don't have bill for any of these, but i can confirm that all of the above are 100% legit and working.

Accepting Reasonable Offers!


  • $7.

    Taking a hiatus.

  • LeeLee Member
    edited February 2015

    If a license can't be verified assume it is fake and bid at your own risk.

  • Can you provide COA 2012 DC? I will give you a good price for that?

    if you cant then this thread needs to come down as it is illegal.

    Thanked by 2Maounique OnraHost

    I am no longer active here, find me at (Just like LET without the scams)

  • I have some spare key of Windows server 2008/2012. I need someone to test if it is working. It's from my Dreamspark account for student so it's totally legit. Pm me with the version you want and I'll send you a key and a ISO download link. It's free. Each one will receive a dedicated key. All I need is your confirmation if it's working or not. If it's working for you, I'll be very happy if I can receive some returns. Thanks!

  • mikhomikho Member, Provider

    said: I don't have bill for any of these,

    come up with proof of ownership within 12 hours or this thread is gone.

    I can now be found at
    or on twitter
    Come say HI! :)
  • windytime90windytime90 Member
    edited February 2015

    @mikho said:

    Hey, why was my thread deleted?

  • mikhomikho Member, Provider

    @windytime90 said:
    Hey, why was my thread deleted?

    Because Dreamspark licenses are personal, not something that you can give away.
    Provide me a written consent from Microsoft and I'll restore the thread.

    I can now be found at
    or on twitter
    Come say HI! :)
  • I've bought these keys from a person at Webhostingtalk. And, i can confirm that they are legit, because i've used them for a year and got them installed on servers at Dacentec and databasebydesignllc. If it's required, i can show paypal proof to the moderators claiming my purchase.

  • Microsoft does have strict, peculiar proof of ownership requirements deeply buried on the contract terms. A simple, useful recap is here:

    Everything else will invalidate the license contract. The purchase transaction may be legal and the key may activate successfully, but the Microsoft agreement is breached. The license is void, not resellable, and will be listed as "not genuine" on the Microsoft audit. On a business environement, a missing purchase receipt means that the proof of ownership is lost, and so is the right to legally resell the license, even if the COA label is perfectly fine. On a ideal standpoint, it would be possible to trace back any license to Microsoft trough a chain of legal purchases.

    Thanked by 1click4easy
  • @pcan, thank you for this information. Can you please let me know microsoft licensing support email or phone? I want to verify what you said and hand over the keys along with seller name to them for further action.

  • The main site to check and report license infringements is:

    If you purchased a volume license, there is a dedicated site with several support links ; the page with the full volume license terms is

  • @pcan thank you. For now, i'll cease selling of these licenses until they are confirmed legit.

  • @nekki please close this thread because i decided ceasing these licenses temporarily.

  • @click4easy said:
    nekki please close this thread because i decided ceasing these licenses temporarily.

    Flag the post, don't flag individual mods.

    Why? Because a) it means your query will be dealt with quicker and b) you won't flag members who haven't been mods for at least a month.

    Here lies Nekki. He loved massive amounts of storage, K-Pop and calling people cunts.

  • LeeLee Member

    Closing. Microsoft licenses are a very fickle thing, proving ownership and the right to sell needs to be solid. Not based on a sound guy on WHT of which there are few overall and even less selling Windows Licenses.

This discussion has been closed.