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Where do you back up your family pics?

Where do you back up your family pics?

sonicsonic Member
edited August 2012 in Help
  1. External Hard Drives
  2. Flickr, Photobucket, Imgur,...
  3. Cloud service like: dropbox, skydrive,...
  4. Low end VPS ......others....

I have 20GB family pics on my PC and i want to backup it online.

Flickr, Photobucket takes me 24$/year for Premium account (free account can views some recently pics only) Dropbox, Skydrive is good choice but low storage with free account

Should i buy low end vps for this? VPS with 128mb ram, 30gb raid protected shoud be enough. Then i can install wordpress with galery plugin,...

Gapps legacy 10/50/200 super cheap. PM


  • @sonic said: 30gb

    You get 25GB free with SkyDrive provided that you preserved your storage a few months ago... Also if you are on a tight budget go GoDaddy.

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  • If you concerns about your privacy, save them locally in External HDD.

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  • 0.20/m cents on AWS Glacier.

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  • I shouldn't need to tell you this, but if you use an LEB, get more than one and make distributed backups. Set up scripts to do it for you so you don't get lazy and potentially lose stuff. If you want to throw some money at it, set up a network-attached RAID.

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  • I got mine backed up to a redundant NAS & Dropbox, plus also a copy on time machine.

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  • I backup mine on photo paper.


  • DanielMDanielM Disabled

    I use My NAS device Using WD Anywhere Backup (Which is then backed up to a server weekly) I also use

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  • CiriumCirium Member
    edited August 2012

    I have myself a lovely acer aspire windows home server with 9TB HD.

    (costs $150 for server with 1TB HD, other HD's are extra)

    I like the software on it, backs up all the of PC's in the house on a schedule, sits beside my router with 1gbps connectivity, and I use it to stream movies to phones and such.

    It's a lovely little machine.

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  • No reason to get any "cloud backup solutions" or setup multiple redundant LEBs. Amazon Glacier would be the best option, but since it doesn't really have many clients avaible yet i'd suggest Amazon S3. 20 gb will cost 2.50$/month and it will be much more secure than some NAS, LEB or Flickr/Photobucket/Imgur.

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  • Glacier was designed for this purpose. Media storage I have already put all my RAWs in there and etc.

    People are shy of it but its actually filling gaps more than ever.

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  • how about Catalystvps or Hostigation or SecureDragon?

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  • @ErawanArifNugroho said: how about Catalystvps or Hostigation or SecureDragon?

    and TorqHost

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  • AshAsh Member

    For personal pics and stuff, local NAS box and further copies on some good old DVD's

    Not a fan of online storage services, too many incompetent companies getting owned these days.

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  • ReeRee Member

    1) Second hard-drive in same PC 2) Every laptop in the house 3) Work PC 4) Website 5) Maybe Glacier in the future

  • One backup on another PC. One back up on an external disk I store outside the house. And one backup at Hostigation.

    All backups are updated weekly during my "update and upgrade" hour.

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  • CommittingCommitting Member
    edited August 2012

    I use for the critical stuff (not just photos), they are more directed towards Enterprise customers, hence their amazing support. Tarsnap is also good, very secure and cheap.

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    DATA D:) 2nd hd on my local PC

  • Crashplan.

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  • on a VPS with daily backups.

  • All I have is a spare/old 640GB HDD, I use it to do weekly backups of my Data. Plus I Do weekly system Images via the win7 function of my C:\ SSD.

  • @SonicVPS said: on a VPS with daily backups.

    Daily back up to where?

    Gapps legacy 10/50/200 super cheap. PM

  • @sonic Are you looking for a simple backup solution? Or are you looking for an archive solution?

    If you need simply a backup solution, any old drive will work. And I mean "old" drive. You can dump them on an ancient PATA utlraATA drive if you want. If it dies, who cares, yous till have the master copy on your "main" harddrive. Your backup solution doesn't even need RAID, since you still have the master copy on your personal harddrive.

    If you're looking for an archive, where you remove the original data from your "main" drive, then yes you need some kind of redundancy i.e. physically separated data copies, example RAID or simply separate VPS copies.

    Personally I archive data off my main systems out to BuyVM storage VPS. Then I rsync the storage VPS out to two others. One is at Hostigation , who unfortuantely no longer offers Backup VPS service. The other is at where I have the VBS184. That way, I offload it from my home machine, and get redundancy over the network. I use rsnapshot to keep psuedo-multiple copies.

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  • bamnbamn Disabled

    Everybody uses Facebook for this option. You should look into it

  • u4iau4ia Member

    @raindog308 said: Crashplan.

    Any particular reason for Crashplan? I ask because I am in my 15 day window for Backblaze. I want an online solution, and was trying to decide between them both.

  • Crashplan's cheapest plan is 2.50$/month vs 5$/month on Blackblaze's cheapest plan.

    Anyway why do you people trust proprietary with your backups? Software gone == backups gone... For such important things you should rely on FOSS.

  • u4iau4ia Member

    @gsrdgrdghd said: why do you people trust proprietary

    I have redundant backups within my home network, it's really for catastrophic type situations where all my HDD's would be destroyed.

  • @u4ia said: I have redundant backups within my home network, it's really for catastrophic type situations where all my HDD's would be destroyed.

    Like a fire. That is why I don't store stuff at home.

  • I use Crashplan, I backup to their servers and also use their software to backup the same content in real time to another PC on my network.

  • u4iau4ia Member

    @Spencer said: Like a fire.

    Precisely. That's why I have been debating between Crashplan and Backblaze. I have way too much data for a VPS to be cost effective. My data sits on a network attached RAID1 array, and I have backups on an external drive. But currently no off-site backup. Working on a backup right now, but it's going to take months for the initial backup on a 768k up pipe.

  • Not months. 20GB at about 512kbps would take about 4 days continuously.

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  • u4iau4ia Member

    @rajprakash said: Not months.

    I have about 800GB in use :)

  • Also, I don't understand why a VPS is not cost effective. A buyvm 256 has 30GB for about $3.50/mo; even less if you pre-pay for the year.

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  • @u4ia Oh sorry, I got your post confused with the OP who only has 20GB. My bad.

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  • u4iau4ia Member

    @rajprakash said: Oh sorry, I got your post confused with the OP who only has 20GB. My bad.

    NP :) I agree, for 20GB a VPS is the way to go.

  • JackJack Member, Provider

    @u4ia said: NP :) I agree, for 20GB a VPS is the way to go.

    You could go with a storage VM with BuyVM only sync new data to it once you have uploaded everything :)

  • In an album. Really old school.

  • @sonic I have a little content management system on one of my low end boxes and 2 other low end boxes which do rsync nightly. Pretty straight forward and fairly decent backups. I have one external drive that I also sync too and I sleep well at night now. If that's too much work for you, then the best thing would probably be a cloud service like skydrive though you would have to pay to upgrade to get more space since the free service isn't enough space for the 20 gigs you have.

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  • I personally don't backup any files online, I simply backup my local information to my external hard drive or a flash drive.

  • Facebook all day long. Easiest way to share in my opinion as well, especially for those "older folks" who aren't so savvy when it comes to some of those other file sharing sites out there. Just manage your permissions right, set aside a week for the speed that is Facebook upload for 20GB and BAAM, free hosting forever! -- a 100% positively reviewed premium grade Shared, VPS, Hybrid and Dedicated hosting company that specializes in industry leading support and management. Check us out today and experience the difference!

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