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Windows VPS with Excel

Windows VPS with Excel

aruthaarutha Member
edited August 2012 in General


Can we rent a Windows VPS with Excel inside ? I can't find any

Thank you


  • Excel costs money and i doubt there is SPLA license for excel available. Why not open office instead of excel?


  • Because of macros :-(

  • Office Starter Edition? I believe it's free.

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  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Provider
    edited August 2012

    Windows VPS with trial office license?

    @concerto49 said: Office Starter Edition? I believe it's free.

    Nothing from MS is free :)

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  • RandyRandy Disabled

    @arutha said: Hi,

    Can we rent a Windows VPS with Excel inside ? I can't find any

    Thank you

    No, there is none :)

  • MaouniqueMaounique Member
    edited August 2012

    Well, nobody stops you from installing your own licence there, after all, VPS providers give the machine and OS, apps is the user business to install or remove services that they don't need. if you only need to view Excel files, use viewer, it is free and should support macros. M

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  • @concerto49 said: Office Starter Edition? I believe it's free.

    In fact it's only available to OEM's and there's a cost for them. (There has been a leak before, though)

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  • Or open office ?

  • @exussum said: Or open office ?

    OO doesnt handle macros the way ms office does. M

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  • check out desktone


    Im not sure what the macros are. Basic ones work well though. Pretty much all macros from the recording work

  • How about Microsoft Office 365? You can pay per month and it allows working online.

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  • It is financial macros with connection to Bloomberg, it won't work with OpenOffice or Office 365

    Thanks for your help. I'll download Excel and install it. I had to buy it first I guess...

  • Or use trial 60 days i think. M

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  • KenshinKenshin Member
    edited August 2012

    SPLA pricing for Office Standard (1 user) is under US$20, might make more sense just to buy a retail version if you need this long term, otherwise a provider under SPLA licencing should be able to help you get a monthly licence.

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  • pcanpcan Member

    You can rent Office professional plus 2010 directly from Microsoft site. Open the office365 web site and go to the price list. Click on the product selector menu and select Online services / office professional plus. Go ahead with the purchase (credit card required) and wait for the activation email. Open the activation email, go to the Office 365 control panel, select the install section, download the Office setup. You can also subscribe a more expensive Office 365 E3 plan: it includes the Office 2010 download. I actually selected the E3 plan; free trial is available. This special license enables you to install Office 2010 on a maximum of five devices.

    The provider supplied SPLA license is the other option: ask for a quote to the provider and compare the price. It is a simpler solution that does not require to open a subscription, but the SPLA license is bound to your VPS.

  • Insteal of Microsoft Excel, we can use OpenOffice from It's free and having interface and function almost like Ms. Excel

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  • ts mention oo has problem with macro so oo out. lol

    purchase windows vps and setup trial version of microsost office.

    Let's bet which dot-name will collapse first ;)

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