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Tough request: Japan VPS
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Tough request: Japan VPS


  • CPU: 2-3 Cores of E3 level
  • HDD: SSD-Cached high iops, ≥150GB
  • MEM: ≥2GB
  • BW: ≥100mbps port, ≥8TB/month or unmetered
  • VM: Prefer not OpenVZ unless really good deal
  • Price: ≤$30 month-to-month and accept non-Japan issued credit card
  • Must be located in Japan and have a reasonably fast speed to China HK TW etc. Asia region.
  • Tolerate potential copyright problems. We honor copyright disputes on user uploaded materials and will remove them upon reported.

What I have tried or checked:

  • Linode. No rooms for upgrading plans. Constantly hardware issue and inbound DDoS attacks.
  • Vultr. Insufficient bandwidth.
  • Kagoya. We are currently using their service. IOps is fantastic, CPU is fast. But It's OpenVZ and their tiny tcpsndbuf causes constantly stalled networking and crashing.
  • Conoha. Poor hard drive performance and unstable peering to China.
  • SakuraJP. Only accept Japan issued CC.
  • Cloudcore. Asking 3 months minimum contract, high setup fee, much more expensive if not paid yearly.

Any suggestions?

Thanked by 1AnthonySmith


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