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Is it ok to use up memory?
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Is it ok to use up memory?

For CPU, I know that it depends on each provider how much it could be used. But for memory (RAM/SWAP), is it fine if I use it up (or nearly, let's say about 90%) for prolong period of time.

And, will it reduce the overall performance of the VPS if my instance is using like 90% of memory?


  • It should be, whatever memory is allocated should be available for you to use.

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  • You bought x amount of RAM you should be allowed to use x amount of RAM

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    Nearing OOM at all times limits how far you can burst with more activity, depending on how your application works. Going OOM definitely reduces stability and performance. You always want to have more memory than you need.

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  • In almost all cases, physical RAM will be mainly cached and not actually "used" per say. Anything over the allocated portion cannot be used anyway.

    just issue the command free -m to see what's used, cached, swap, buffer......

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