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    Server for GitLab
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    Server for GitLab

    samczsunsamczsun Member
    edited February 2015 in Requests

    Hello all,

    I've been browsing around for a VPS to run GitLab on.

    The recommended specifications by GitLab are:
    2 cores
    2GB RAM + swap
    Decent disk space (double your project sizes)

    However, it does mention 2GB is recommended for 500 users, so the lower boundary for specifications would be something around
    2 cores
    1GB RAM + swap
    50-100GB disk (if upgrade-able when needed, then all the better)

    EDIT: It appears that pushing the lower boundary is not a good idea. The 50-100GB disk space requirement is still here

    I'm hoping for a yearly VPS, and I expect the cost to be around $50, but as long as the price isn't unreasonable and the provider is well-known, I'll most likely go with it.

    Thanks in advance,


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