Model number of your favourite SATA drive for servers.

Model number of your favourite SATA drive for servers.

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Shoot! If possible list failure rates you've had in the past. I'm drawn towards WD as usual but I've heard people having much lower failure rates with other brands (Seagate?) so please do the honours and scream at the top of your lungs the manufacturer you side with.

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    High rate of failure on WD in the first 6-8 months.... but after that it seems smooth sailing.

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  • I've had better reliability with my Seagates.

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    Seagate Constellation ES(Quality Drive, 130MB/s Sustained) HD103SJ(Again, another Quality Drive, But slightly less at 125MB/s from new). The F3R 1TB, Which is the RAID Edition of HD103SJ(Not much difference at all, It's pretty much like how WD do a RAID Edition, Even though the standard Samsung drives can be used for HW Raid).

    WD RE4, I only have bought one, and I haven't had chance to test it yet since it is a spare. I bought it because it has 5 Year warranty pretty much.

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  • I've recently been turned on to Toshiba 7.2k SAS drives. Reasonable price, proper SAS interface, and a 6gb/sec interface

    Before that, we were building systems with Seagate SV35 drives, and had absolutely no problems with them:

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