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Yearly lowend VPS in Singapore or Hong Kong
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Yearly lowend VPS in Singapore or Hong Kong

Any suggestions for yearly low end VPS at SG/HK. I have very little requirements, apart from location. 100 GB bandwidth would be plenty. Direct Equinix peering would be even more awesome.

I looking for a box to ssh tunnel my traffic through. My ISP has direct lines to Equinix HK, and SG, with plenty of spare bandwidth around the clock, and really low ping times. Every other international link they have is saturated, during peak hours. They have a monopoly in my neighborhood and I am forced to work around this.

I currently use Digital Ocean in SG (they peer at Equinix). I am extremely satisfied with it, but it is an overkill, and there must be someone providing one for less than $5 a month.


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