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Does rsync launch an instance on the remote server?
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Does rsync launch an instance on the remote server?

When rsync connects to a remote server does it launch another instance for doing stuff like comparing or checksumming files, before they are transferred, or saving partially transferred files for instance?

How does it differ from when it runs as a daemon?

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  • Short answer is yes.

    Long answer is that it depends on the methods you're using towards the amount of load placed on both the sending and receiving ends. Don't hold me to it as it's been ages since I've looked into it, but rsync uses 2 parts. First is an md5 checksum of the files and second is a rolling checksum of sorts that takes timestamps into account. If the rolling checksum is changed, it runs an md5 checksum to compare the 2 further to ensure that things have really changed and not just the access times.

    You'll see load averages go up for tons of files that are accessed and changed often. On that same note, you'll see high loads for large files that are changed as well, as the checksum will still be occurring. Like I mentioned before, don't hold me to it as it's been a while, but I dont think it's that far off the mark. Too late at night to go read up on it at the moment.

    As to a daemon, I couldn't tell you. Not something I recall reading up on on the past.

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  • I think it requires rsync to be installed on the remote machine,too, so yes. :)

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