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Anything BUT solulusVM please :(

Anything BUT solulusVM please :(

bijan588bijan588 Member
edited August 2012 in General

I need a panel for VPS's thats NOT solusVM and that I can use for clients.



  • jarlandjarland Administrator

    I know a lot of people don't like it but the latest update to Virtualizor doesn't look bad. I mean it's kind of ugly but it looks like it does it's job well. I'm sticking with Solus but I've got my eye on it for the future.

    I'm using A2Hosting right now for shared, love it. Referral link.

  • @Nick said: Lots of discussion about this already

    I am aware of the threads, and I dont want to necro, and I dont think they came to a good conclusion.

  • jarlandjarland Administrator
    edited August 2012

    The continued question stems from the lack of a solid competitor that people feel comfortable with. Safe to say there's a huge market to be had here, I'm not touching it, but someone really should (and that seems to be everyone else's feeling as well).

    I'm using A2Hosting right now for shared, love it. Referral link.

  • TazTaz Disabled

    Hypervm? Cloudmin? Boxctrl? Proxmox?

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  • OVZ-Web-Panel doesn't look too bad (admittedly from the viewpoint of a user, not a host), though that assumes you're running an OVZ-only op.

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  • ExpertVMExpertVM Member, Provider

    Yes, agree with ithatetonyy, I had a few managed openvz client who do not want to pay licensing fee and they go for ovz-web-panel - Singapore Based Low End Provider.
  • HyperVM. :)

  • Nick_ANick_A Top Provider

    I'm going to make an alternative.

    No I'm not :/ But I wish I could.

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  • RandyRandy Disabled

    solusvm works fine, what is up? what did you not like about solus? it seems to be clean and neat? i did not upgrade the new beta version, i would rather stick to the stable one first :)

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    @Jeffrey said: HyperVM. :)

    the interface needs to make some changes, its outdated but it sill works ok.

  • JacobJacob Member, Provider
    edited August 2012

    Fact of the matter is that, no vps provider here wants a manual panel(without billing automation), and why bother to get Virtualizor for 50 cents less then solusvm, SolusVM is heaps better.

    If you are a BurstNET client, You can lease vePortal Licenses, That includes Colocation aswell.

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  • @Jacob said: vePortal

    +1 its not that bad.

  • We will be releasing our panel (KVM only) as F/OSS under GPLv3 around the end of August.

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