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Multiple VPS Management Script
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Multiple VPS Management Script

vahevahe Member
edited August 2012 in General

Hey guys,

I'm working on a script to make VPS management dead easy.

Here's the basic idea: - ssh script that lets you manage your Debian boxes. - do initial server setup (i.e. create accounts, install firewall, update packages, etc..) - install web server - install db (mysql, postgres) - install email (postfix, dovecot) - setup a backup server - backup vps to ^^predefined server - update packages - benchmark - check free memory - reboot (thru solusvm api)

Best of all, it will maintain a list of VPSes to be managed. You'll be able to add/delete servers to/from the list, and run the above commands on one or more or even all of the servers. Currently, my plan is to support Debian only, but I might consider CentOS.

The project is in the planning stage right now, if any of you like the idea, I'd appreciate any input or help you can offer.

So, if you're experienced with shell scripting and are willing to help out, PM me. The project will open source and hosted on Github.

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