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[FALSE REVIEW] Stay away from

[FALSE REVIEW] Stay away from

Jackson_WJackson_W Banned, Member
edited August 2012 in Reviews

Hello, I had a VPS from

The owner is a rude incompetent liar, He claimed that he worked out of an office with 12 other employes. He also claimed that he had 4 full racks and nearly 1k customers.

I was a gullible retard to listen to what he said, I admit that I had no idea what I was doing.

Heres where the problems started, I made a ticket about the clock, it sat for 7 hours, then I got a reply from a rep named Randy

"Sorry I'm at school"

I said OK, figured it was collage or somthing, then I talked to the kid on the phone, hes sounds 12, but I dont care what the age is, so I went along with it.

Then my VPS got deleted, and he said that it was cause I was hosting a dropbox, and claimed that that can be used for piracy. I DID GET A REFUND THOUGH.

Anyways, stay clear of this kid.

Upd. from moderator @breton Review seems to be false, no proofs were given.



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