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Need cheap storage vps
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Need cheap storage vps

camjac251camjac251 Member
edited January 2015 in Requests

The node that I was on with VPSdime corrupted due to their "filesystem" so I am looking for a new place to host, I was paying $7 a month for 500gb of space in their dallas location, great deal in my opinion, but for usenet, they limit disk and network to 50mbps, not great.
I am exploring all possible options though. I'd like to go with a host that is cheap and that wouldn't throttle me for usenet.
Kimsufi is $20 for their ks-3 plan, and a plex/usenet box isn't really worth paying $20 for to me since there wouldn't be any raid, so it could fail at any moment. Unless I could get their ks-2 plan any time soon, they aren't an option.

CPU doesn't really matter, I'll be direct playing over plex so no transcoding. Just need a good place for a plex/usenet setup.


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