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OVH micro geoVKS preliminary pricing, EUR 19.99 per year
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OVH micro geoVKS preliminary pricing, EUR 19.99 per year

rm_rm_ Member
edited August 2012 in General

This was just linked on their maling list (and on twitter since 8 Jul, but who uses twitter anyway) EUR 19.99 per year

Specs for the current beta:

 1 vCPU Processor
 128MB of RAM
 Storage 5GB
 500GB monthly traffic
 10Mbps bandwidth
 IPv4 + IPv6 addresses
 Unauthorised UDP traffic forbidden (i.e. all ports firewalled except port 53)
 Outgoing traffic forbidden on port 25

In reality it also has 128 MB vSwap, and the 10 Mbps limit is not enforced. No TUN/TAP, and they will not turn it on, claiming possible abuse. It will suck if the b/w limit will be turned on as it goes to full 'production'. And even if not, at this price I only see a reason to pay for it if you want one in HK.



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