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OVH is giving out about 10000 dedicated servers in their new US DC for free!

OVH is giving out about 10000 dedicated servers in their new US DC for free!

NevilNevil Member
edited August 2012 in General

I'm kind of impressed that no one else posted that here. So OVH has a new data centre in the USA and they are giving out 10000 beta dedicated servers for free. Aswell as the micro vKSs these dedicated servers are testing products and you may lose it whenever the provider decides to. OVH promised to contact you before taking away your dedicated server.

Specs of the dedicated server: Processor Intel Core i3 2130 2x3.4GHz (HT enabled) RAM 16 GB DDR3 Hard disk 2x 1 TB - SATA2 RAID SOFT - 0/1 NIC FastEthernet (100Mbps) 10TB traffic/mo*

*If you exceed 10TB of traffic per month the connection will be cut down to 10Mbps from 100Mbps.

You can install Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux (lots of templates, with cPanel, SolusVM, DirectAdmin, Xen Server and much much more) or Windows (Windows Server 2012 Datacentre RC and Hyper-V Server R2). It has unlimited free remote reboots aswell as reinstalls, monitoring, RDNS control and a lot of other stuff.

You can sign up for one here: Managerv5 Address:

You need a Twitter account and you have to follow OVH on Twitter to recieve a validation code.

Special conditions of beta test:

I got mine yesterday and reinstalled to Windows Server 2012 Data centre RC today but this metro stuff looks aweful :(.

Test (Speed and Ping): image image




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