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PeakServers ignoring my tickets
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PeakServers ignoring my tickets


I would like the community's opinion on this.

In june I ordered a VPS with PeakServers and paid for a year. Earlier this month it was suspended without any reason.
I then submitted a ticket, asking why It was suspended and got no answer. Followed up on my ticket, still no answer. Created a new ticket, still no answer. Then they just closed my tickets with no answer.

I'm kinda lost here, I was hoping this could be resolved in a mature way. But I guess thats not the way PeakServers do business.
It's not about the money, as it was only $12, it's the whole "lets ignore him, and he might go away" attitude.

What would you guys do ? Just let it go ?


  • @ihatetonyy your browser is infected by Merry Christmas malware

  • @Maller Paypal dispute, and submit fraud record in this case.

  • NekkiNekki Moderator

    If they're completely ignoring you, you may as well raise the dispute; if they ignore the dispute too, you'll get your money back.

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  • Two days ago I asked to setup rdns and they answered today, not so fast but they did it.

  • MallerMaller Member
    edited December 2014

    @ScienceOnline said:
    Two days ago I asked to setup rdns and they answered today, not so fast but they did it.

    With the holidays and all two days are acceptable for me. But I submitted my first ticket 21/12 and they just closed it. So it's not a matter of being slow, but ignoring me.

  • Got same experience like you. I bought the $12/yr. plan and they suspend my VPS without reason or notification. I just run lighttpd and OpenVPN in it. I'm sure I didn't violate the TOS because I read it twice before ordering. Explained the details in ticket but to no avail.

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