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Open Source ONLINE.NET WHMCS Reseller Module
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Open Source ONLINE.NET WHMCS Reseller Module

VereloxVerelox Member, Provider
edited December 2014 in General

Hi everyone,

I apologize if this is not the correct category, so please feel free to move the topic if that's the case.

Recently, we have been looking for an WHMCS module that can be used to resell dedicated servers, automates the termination/suspension process and of course, give the clients the ability to control the dedicated servers; but unfortunately, we ended up with a module that was $20+ monthly, and wasn't that good.

For this reason, we have coded our own module for and decided to make it open source so that resellers that use WHMCS as their billing system can struggle no more with the monthly payments (surely you cannot make enough profit while paying $20+ monthly for a module), but have the whole thing for free with extended features.

This module covers up the basic functions such as: State (rescue mode, reboot, etc), Networking (reverse, generate/duplicate virtual mac, etc), RAID and Remote Console (BMC), and we are planning to introduce the backup function soon as well! The module can be found at and a readme file is included which explains how to configure the module. In case you would like to report a bug, a vulnerability or suggest a feature, you may feel free to do so by opening a new issue. This is how it looks like:

We do hope this can come in handy, suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading.


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