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Appfog - 2GB RAM FREE! (PaaS)

Appfog - 2GB RAM FREE! (PaaS)

telephonetelephone Member
edited July 2012 in General

Appfog is a Paas provider that recently launched 2GB RAM instances for free :)

Instances can be created in: 1) AWS - Virginia 2) AWS - Ireland 3) AWS - Singapore 4) Rackspace - Dallas 5) MS Azure - San Antonio (Coming soon) 6) HP Openstack - Arizona (Coming soon)

Minimum RAM per app/instance = 128MB Disk space per app = 2GB Bandwidth = 50GB ($0.15/GB after)

Supports: - Java - NodeJS - Ruby - Python - PHP - etc...

Limitations: 1) No shell access 2) Only CNAME capable 3) Low bandwidth (but decent if instances are in Singapore) 4) Have to use their Ruby app to push code

Overall though, I've been playing with it for 24hrs and I have to say I'm quite impressed. In fact, I'll probably use a Singapore instance as a mirror.

Link: Appfog



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