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Eleven2 root password
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Eleven2 root password

HC_RoHC_Ro Member
edited July 2012 in General

Figured I would share,

It seems like Eleven 2 set up a reseller account with super admin privileges I guess for a low level tech.
Username: [-Deleted-]
Pass: [- Deleted -]

Then you can see the full list of user accounts on the server and re-login to the accounts using their user and that pass.

WTF, I hope someone looking at that thread has not done a bulk cPanel transfer yet.


  • DamianDamian Member

    Probably found it with their free Hostpolar account.

  • HC_RoHC_Ro Member

    If you scroll through the list there is a TON of accounts. While I am not saying it is not a reseller I suspect its a tech account. The OP I assume used his shared IP and seems to be a Eleven2 client.

  • ChiefChief Member

    Please do not share other peoples' usernames & passwords to breached servers.

    You're just compounding the issue not just for the host but also for their clients who really don't deserve people going through their accounts just because their host had a breach.

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  • @Chief said: Please do not share other peoples' usernames & passwords to breached servers.

    Could not agree more Chief.

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  • my god, the op @ WHT will no doubt get his account banned too for posting that.

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  • HC_RoHC_Ro Member

    @Chief you are right I should not have pasted that info.

  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Provider

    If it was root password they could have easily got into WHM root account and make a pretty big mess.

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  • ChiefChief Member

    @Jack said: are you not going to edit it then?

    What does he need to edit? I [-Deleted-] the user info already earlier.

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  • HC_RoHC_Ro Member

    Interesting reply from Eleven2, anyone have a clue with what the cPanel bug is they are referring too?

  • Recently, i just ask information from one of eleven2's reseller, he give an offer free 1 year trialaccount, and then i see this post. oh, poor him. i'll tell them about this.

    @HC_Ro said: anyone have a clue with what the cPanel bug is they are referring too?

    if this caused by cPanel bug, then there's more big problem out there.

  • HC_RoHC_Ro Member

    It looks like it may be in part of a CP bug. The information being discussed in that thread is actually really frightening. Any provider here should take a look in case it gets moved.

  • harryharry Member

    cPanel bugs? terrible

  • Sadly, my account doesn't do this. Imagine the super powers :(

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  • really terrible

  • lele0108lele0108 Member
    edited July 2012

    @ynzheng said: really terrible

    Eleven2 was never really a good company so they had it coming. (Web hosting is slow, only good thing about them is support. Yea, sure they have Litespeed, but I think that's just a excuse to cram more clients onto one server).

    Comparable to MediaTemple, except Mediatemple is actually decent and innovative.

    ~ Jimmy VortexUnit. Who likes poptart.cats?
  • jarjar Provider
    edited July 2012

    They seem like well intentioned people at Eleven2, so I don't say these words lightly, but people need to not just assume their software is secure and that it's features are not highly flawed by default. I love cpanel but if you install it and csf/lfd and just walk away, you're asking for trouble. I'm not saying they did that, but this issue is not new.

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