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Anyone using



  • sepeisepei Member

    @4n0nx you got your money back?

  • FalzoFalzo Member

    after all, my server now shows a cancellation date of 20/04/15 within hetzner robot... I haven't heard anything from UWH yet.

    interesting that one can still order those hetzner servers on their page and should pay by bank transfer... at least this will escalate quickly by their local laws, if they are not able to deliver, so doesn't really make sense to me.

    to scam people from other countries via payment gateways that won't care much is one thing - but to do so probably within your own country by using your normal bank account seems... just jerky.

    hopefully that way they further dig their own hole to land in :/ KVM in US/UK/NL/DE: 15% off first 6 month and cheap 750G / 2TB storage offers
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  • 4n0nx4n0nx Member

    sepei said: you got your money back?

    Yes, a "preliminary" refund (by VISA) after my VISA dispute. The company that's supposed to investigate the case does not pick up the phone so I am guessing I'll get to keep the money.

    Looks to me like Teo Jovanovic is trying to save his neck by claiming he is no longer affiliated with the company.

    (((o(゚▽゚)o))) If privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy. (((o(゚▽゚)o)))

    ヽ(`Д´)ノ Everyone should run Tor on their idle servers.

  • sumosumo Member

    @4n0nx said:
    Did anyone complain to their bank? Now their FB page reads something along the lines of "new owner, new bank account". They also removed the link to the English language version on their website, as well as payment via Western Union.

    Recipient: Svetlana Micic
    Account Number: 165000700465331320
    Purpose Payments: the name of your domain
    (Hypo Alpe Adria Bank AD Beograd)
    payment is made in dinars at the middle exchange rate on the day of payment.

    For the territory of BiH:

    Charge Account: 5520471564385436
    Purpose Payments: the name of your domain
    Hypo-Alpe-Adria a.d. Banja Luka
    payments are made in KM.
    Reference number: xxxxx

    Uni Web Hosting Inc.
    Zmaja od Bosne br. 50a/b , 71000 Sarajevo (Europe)

    New bank account, new money recipient ... reminds me of IXo Networks

  • LeeLee Member

    sumo said: Svetlana Micic

    That is his girlfriend.

    It's better to keep your mouth closed, and let everyone wonder if you're stupid; than to open it and remove all doubt.

  • joepie91joepie91 Member, Provider

    mikho said: You shouldn't group us all together like that and throw accusations around like that.

    Trust is easy to lose, and hard to earn. There has been plenty of dodgy business in the past with ColoCrossing and LowEndTalk.

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  • There is a new website and fb page on uniwebhosting fraud:

    Both are in Serbian and English language.

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  • Jao Milane :) bas je dobro

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  • @MilanSRB said:
    There is a new website and fb page on uniwebhosting fraud:

    Both are in Serbian and English language.

    a urgent waring page for all new (non) customer!

  • sumosumo Member

    @Lee said:
    That is his girlfriend.

    I meant in terms of switching the bank account name to someone else to get around financial account lockouts. The person/people behind IXo Networks did the same thing

  • @MilanSRB said:
    There is a new website and fb page on uniwebhosting fraud:

    Both are in Serbian and English language.

    Nice job mate! Now let's try and rank this on the first position on google for the term: uniwebhosting shall we? :)

  • NomadNomad Member

    I don't think that'll do any good.
    He didn't even sweat when he was conning you guys.
    He'll find another way. Maybe he'll even say:

    Yes that teo guy, he was such a bas..rd. He took the money and ran away. We don't have any relationship with him. Sorry for your loss. So, Let's give you another promo for half the FDC/SoftLayer/WHTever prices, only if you pay yearly.

    And get more...
    After all, when people think something is cheaper and better for them, they tend to not listen advices. (Check this very topic, start reading from page 1.) coupons: CheapDoms or Discounted
    - Send Everything My Way

  • AshAsh Member

    @Amitz said:
    WHT never gave a shit about scammers. They simply do not care.

    Based on? ..

  • AmitzAmitz Member

    @Ash said:
    Based on? ..

    Many, many years of WHT membership.

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    "Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart."

  • I got banned today on WHT for attaching my helpdesk ticket (Jan. 2015) in a relevant thread about uniweb scammers. Moderators refused to remove their ads even though they knew contact info Uni provided was fake.

    Start reading from the bottom.

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  • Ah are they moderators? They are freaks that have zero knownladge from life. Am sure they are fat and stinky guys.

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  • DundoMarojeDundoMaroje Member
    edited July 2015

    i made a dispute within PayPal, but whole case was decided in favor of fraudulent seller uniwebhosting. PayPal really doesn't give a fck about after this i went to my bank, straight into main HQ in my city, and filed for a chargeback.....few days ago i got my money back......uniwebhosting was charged 25.00$ fee by 2CO, because my bank made chargeback.

    And guess what, today uniwebhosting contacted me with some new scamming story......anyhow to make this short.....don't try to get your money back using online services like Paypal and 2co, because i have tried both and it through your bank, file for chargeback, print all evidence(invoice, Paypal, transaction logs......) and be patient month or two.

    Later uniwebhosting will contact you when they receive chargeback, but my advice is to ignore them and their new scamming story.

    Good luck.

  • LeeLee Member

    Amazed this is still going on. Always best to follow the right process though, if you paid by Paypal and the dispute fails then go to your card provider.

    It's better to keep your mouth closed, and let everyone wonder if you're stupid; than to open it and remove all doubt.

  • rauppe31rauppe31 Member, Provider

    Got my $200 back via chargeback today.

  • Beware, beware. Be seriously aware. I signed up for their "dedicated" server which is reselling Hetzner servers - this is fine. However, I was given a runaround and constant delays as they "were installing the system" (which takes 20 minutes, I've been a direct Hetzner customer before - but was unaware he was reselling in the first place, but didn't mind this aspect in general) and then when he said the login criteria would be sent to me, it was never. I asked to cancel, he sent a screen shot of invalid login information. After it didn't work, I said so - and he said wait while he checks the criteria.
    I felt uneasy about my order since the beginning and asked to cancel again - he ignored me, and has not written back in over a week.
    I've filed a PayPal dispute for a refund from PayPal.
    It looks like a nice website and he was REALLY nice to chat with at the beginning but then went wonky. ((Beware, product was never delivered. --- it has now been delivered with a long delay, and only after I wrote this review, with them asking me to now delete my review)))

    ** Edit, ironically after I write this review the product is delivered along with emails asking me to delete my review now. I told them I've asked for the refund long ago, and now they say they'll give me a refund if I delete my review.

    Catch 22. My review will be updated as to show product received, but only after I had to post a nasty review first to receive it.

    ** Final edit: PayPal dispute services refunded my 59 euros. Good riddance. I'm keeping far from this place.

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