Do i need to run NTP?

Do i need to run NTP?

DeorDeor Member
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Just trying to close down as many services as possible and im wondering if i need to run NTP to keep the time in sync, or does my OVZ instance (Debian 6 64bit) get its time updated from the host node?



  • jhjh Member
    edited July 2012

    OVZ will get the time from the host node

  • rm_rm_ Member

    You can't set date/time on OpenVZ. If your node has its date/time set incorrectly, your only choice is to open a ticket and ask the provider to fix it.

  • DeorDeor Member

    Cool thanks, something else i can uninstall then!

  • yomeroyomero Member

    Pfff. a lot of garbage. Do a search for minstall/minimal of maxexcloo

  • DeorDeor Member

    Yeah i do use maxexcloo's scripts, maybe it for installed along with something that i didnt notice.

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