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123COM Having Support ?

123COM Having Support ?

l2o88jl2o88j Member
edited July 2012 in General

I have recently got a VPS from them, and i am not satisfied with them so i asked for a refund with them through a Ticket, but the ticket closed by itself due to no response in 72 hours.

Will they be reading support tickets ? or it is one among the company who scams ?



  • TazTaz Disabled

    You would get a faster response on wht. (I think they have those corporate account there with keyword alert)

    Time is good and also bad. Life is short and that is sad. Dont worry be happy thats my style. No matter what happens i won't lose my smile!

  • l2o88jl2o88j Member

    @NinjaHawk , Thank you

    Did that now

  • I'll send Leyton a link to this topic.

    The Original Daniel.

  • Hi there,

    This is Ryan from 123COM - and I have come to follow this up with you.

    Lets start with the support issue - after issues with our recent support contract, we have been left with our UK only staffing for office hours support - which is something we are working on resolving. However whilst that is the case, our support will be a little more limited.

    We have always stood by providing quality support to our clients at a 24/7 rate wherever possible. But when our out-of-hours support contracts were seeing this aim fall short (on quality) we have had to work on reorganizing these issues.

    Obviously, the ticket escalation procedure is always available - and will be picked up by management first thing in the morning. I suspect your ticket has been sent to the end of our queue, and way probably not able to be dealt with by close of day Friday. My sincerest apologies go out for this - and we will work to resolve that for you.

    If you can escalate the ticket, I will personally follow it up.

    Thanks, Ryan P.

    imagineLayer - IT solutions backed by outstanding support structure.
    Web: • Email: [email protected] • Phone: 03719 10 10 11
  • l2o88jl2o88j Member

    My ticket is #610967 and i have personally pm ed regarding it earleir. But i got no response from you either way

  • AsadAsad Member

    @l2o88j Ryan said UK staffing hours, so wait a few hours maybe for a reply.

  • l2o88jl2o88j Member

    @Asad , i have pm ed him about this issue in the previous week (to be exact july 19) and my support ticket is opened on july 17. Does these days does not come under UK staffing hours ? i am waiting for a long time, so please don't quote his reasons.

  • AsadAsad Member

    @l2o88j It just might be backlog, I've dealt with 123COM support before and they've been pretty good.

    It's the start of the working week in a few hours, as Ryan said see if they reply to you within the next few hours.

  • l2o88jl2o88j Member
    edited July 2012

    @AsadHaider said: see if they reply to you within the next few hours

    Finally it has been done after 8 days of ticket, posting in forums. I prefer not to go with them.

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