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Help us with Beta testing - Free OpenVZ VPS for testing
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Help us with Beta testing - Free OpenVZ VPS for testing

avelineaveline Member
edited July 2012 in General


We are going online our own OpenVZ brand and figured to run a short beta test to get rid of any last bugs I may have missed.

Beta VPS will auto terminate after 2 weeks, but you can also renew it at a cheaper price if you want to continue to use.

No Slot Left **I'm fixing a performance issue currently, All Beta VPS will be sent in 2 hour(s). ** Beta Node Hardware:

8GB RAM Xeon L5420, 4 Core(s) iSCSI Based HDD

Our SAN is using RAID6.

Beta plan Specs:

20GB Disk 256MB Guaranteed RAM 512MB Burstable RAM 1TB Bandwidth 2 Core

Open a ticket with the department of 'Beta' and the title of 'Beta VPS Request' to get a test VPS.

If you find anything, either post it here or Open a ticket with the department of 'Beta'

Thank you

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  • yup I like the UI! Also I registered :P

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  • wuyawuya Member

    @aveline I have send a ticket .. The id is 13.

  • It seems that something broke...

    A lot of empty data has been inserted into our database..


  • I'm fixing a performance issue currently, All Beta VPS will be sent in 2 hour(s).

  • All Beta VPS has been sent. If it can't boot, please try to rebuild or initialize.


  • This is a very nice interface, but every time I try to do something, rebuild or initialize, it says "A blocking event is in progress, can't create event. " Also, there are two Ubuntu 12.04 -x86's


  • @Insidiea You can switch to 'Events' page to see details... Fixed anyway.

    PS: These two templates can't be used because kernel too old.

    Thank you.

  • l2o88jl2o88j Member

    @aveline said: Open a ticket with the department of 'Beta' and the title of 'Beta VPS Request' to get a test VPS.

    Where can i find it ?

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  • What interface where? I want to see the interface :P

  • @Insidiea @HalfEatenPie @GetKVM_Ash @l2o88j @kbar @wuya

    Did the register page return a blank page?

  • wuyawuya Member

    @aveline yes ,after finished the register,it returned a blank page. But I refreshed it ,it got OK.

  • l2o88jl2o88j Member

    It is working fine, i have registered and opened a Ticket, but i didn't get any mail for registering.

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  • l2o88jl2o88j Member

    The interface is so good. My site came online now :)

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  • pcanpcan Member

    The VPS control panel does not load in Internet Explorer 9; when I click on the gear icon, I see no effect. It does work on Chrome (nice graphics, by the way). I didn't get any mail, and there is no sent mail history function on the control panel.

  • InsidieaInsidiea Member
    edited July 2012

    @aveline Working nicely now, Will post benchmarks soon.


  • l2o88jl2o88j Member

    CPU model : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU L5420 @ 2.50GHz Number of cores : 4 CPU frequency : 2493.746 MHz Total amount of ram : 512 MB Total amount of swap : 0 MB System uptime : 13 min, Download speed from CacheFly: 24.3MB/s Download speed from Linode, Atlanta GA: 2.50MB/s Download speed from Linode, Dallas, TX: 2.39MB/s Download speed from Linode, Tokyo, JP: 1.72MB/s Download speed from Linode, London, UK: 2.22MB/s Download speed from Leaseweb, Haarlem, NL: 825KB/s Download speed from Softlayer, Singapore: 345KB/s Download speed from Softlayer, Seattle, WA: 1.63MB/s Download speed from Softlayer, San Jose, CA: 6.00MB/s Download speed from Softlayer, Washington, DC: 975KB/s I/O speed : 240 MB/s

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  • @pcan I'll look into this problem. And about the mail:

    We've just been temporarily blocked by Gmail, so some mails hasn't been sent successfully.

    I'll add resend function later.

    Thank you.

  • @pcan It looks fine in my IE9 (running on Windows Server 2008 RC with Remote Desktop).

  • pcanpcan Member

    I see from your screenshot that you pressed F12 to open the IE9 developer tools. The IE9 developer tools window starts a compatibility mode that is not active on regular browsing sessions. When developer tools are open and I select "Internet Exlorer 9" from the menu, the control panel works. Try this to reprodce the issue: close IE9 (all windows), then open IE9 and load again the control panel site. Do not press F12, do not open the developer tools windows. Then click on the gear icon in control panel and see if it works.

  • @aveline said: Did the register page return a blank page?

    Not that I"m aware of

    Catalyst Host - Pie Approved!
  • NanoG6NanoG6 Member

    @aveline said: Did the register page return a blank page?

    Yes, and have to be refreshed to get into the dashboard.

  • @pcan OK..I know where the problem lies.. console.log only available in Developer Tools.. WTF


    the register page return a blank page

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  • @ZRBLOG I'm busy fixing another bug in Control Panel... You can try to refresh the page again..

  • avelineaveline Member
    edited July 2012

    Fringe is good...

    Have a sleep and wake up, then fix these bugs and bring all nodes online ...

  • namename Member

    I see a happy suzumiya, but I'm a little melancholy. You coded a cool billing software anyway.

    I'm a stupid cat, don't blame me.

  • l2o88jl2o88j Member

    The connection to the server lost once again and d server is down buddy

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  • @l2o88j = = Someone has rebooted...

  • @aveline said: Someone has rebooted...

    What kind of virtualization is this?

    Catalyst Host - Pie Approved!
  • @HalfEatenPie As you see, OpenVZ. I'm debugging the daemon so I turned off auto start and run it as a normal program ...

  • pcanpcan Member

    The control panel issue on Internet Explorer has been solved.

    VPS disk speed is good, about 260 MB/s on my tests. I guess that a big write cache has been enabled on the controller or iSCSI stack, because disk write speed on RAID6 is usually lower. Random I/O disk speed is also good. Do you use a hardware iSCSI SAN?

    The ubuntu-10.04-minimal_i386 template is slightly broken (apt-get upgrade command fails), but regolar ubuntu 10.04 template works.

    Thanked by 1AvelineSwan
  • @pcan We're using Oracle Linux Server release 6.3 & SCST as our iSCSI SAN.

    iSCSI Target Server Hardware:

    Xeno L5420 (8 Cores) MegaRAID RAID Controller with 512MB Cache 8GB Memory 2 x 1Gbps NIC 2 x 10Gbps InfiniBand

    The ubuntu-10.04-minimal_i386 template is a templated contributed by community, I'll remove it later.

    Thank you.

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